A Not So Scarfie Week

SO while this blog is usually my write ups of the various places to visit and things to do in Dunedin that involve creativity, I’ve never really described them in the context of my life as a student at the university. So I thought this post could remedy that; I present my week as a student in Dunedin.


In the average scarfie week Thursday night is one of two nights to have a bit of a party and go to town (clubbing) before heading home and invariably consuming either Surfin Slices or MacDonalds while on your way. However, I have maybe been out on a Thursday twice this year. So once again, I was at home working.


Friday is usually a quieter night, everyone is saving their energy for Saturday night. However, my friends and I had a BYO at Manilla Grill, where I was intrigued to discover they actually offer karaoke! Keen to have a go at some late 80s classics my friends found the courage in their respective bottles of red and white!

After we had finished our meal and the antics offered at Manilla Grill we headed to Refuel. Tucked away on the corner of the Union building on campus, and underground, Refuel features live music most week nights, this Friday was local band Two Cartoons headlining. Two Cartoons : Get Happy Black Friday w/ Friends featured a fair few local bands, MalesAstro ChildrenErnesto AnemoneDeux Enfants, and DJ Tom Tremewan supporting the headline act before their set.

Astro Children's set, I thought their set was really good!

Astro Children’s set, I thought their set was really good!

Two Cartoons set was good, I had a really good night, although at this point I was on my third/fourth drink of the night and details get a little fuzzy. We got a taxi home, and went to sleep!


Dunedin held its first (and hopefully annual!) Craft Beer & Food Festival at the Forsyth Barr Stadium. Now as an eternally poor student I actually scored a job at one of the stalls thanks to my flatmate also having the same job. I was working for local brewery Green Man, I got a really awesome shirt for my uniform and my pass as a stall worker to wear for the day!

Green Man top and Festival Stall pass!

Green Man top and Festival Stall pass!

The festival ended up being a really fun place to work, and when we wrapped up we got Churros as a treat, and as anyone who has followed my adventures this year will know, they are my favourite!

After I had finished working and the festival was closing up, I left to go to a friends party, it was a good night and we all enjoyed ourselves.


Sunday is universally accepted in Dunedin as recovery day. I spend mine having a lie in, watching TV, and catching up with my friends. Occasionally if the next week is going to be a busy one I might even get some work done, that is a rare occasion though, and this Sunday was not an exception to my usual pattern.

Monday and Tuesday

I spend these days working on my various papers and assignments, unless its someones birthday I don’t really get up to much these nights. It was nobodies birthday, and hence I spent it being studious.


Refuel hosts its weekly Pint Night on Wednesdays, and my friends band was playing there too. So after using Velvet Burger‘s new weekly Grababurger vouchers for dinner, and meeting up with friends before going to Refuel, we finally arrived at Pint Night for the $4 pints.

The music part of the night – Independant Records Presents: ink Mathematics, Ded Sparrows & Paul cathro Feat. Alex Vaatstra – was really good, I think it was one of my best music experiences at Refuel in ages.

I got to hear Ded Sparrows set thankfully, and I really liked their music.

Ded Sparrows jamming away.

Ded Sparrows jamming away.

ded sparrows 2

My friends band was the headline act, Ink Mathematics. They played a fantastic set and kept the audience entertained throughout. The lead singer has a really engaging act and connects with the audience. All round great night and a great set by Ink Mathematics, my friend played an awesome set!

Goku was apparently playing drums, although he was sporting a new haircut!

Goku was apparently playing drums, although he was sporting a new haircut!


The lead singer was really engaging, spoke to me and my friend at the end, nicest guy.


Ink Mathematics, if you get a chance to see them take it, they were amazingly good!

And so there it is, my not so scarfie week!