Jon Thom and Insiders Dunedin

So the most recent Insiders Dunedin video is on Jon Thom. Originally from Central Otago, Jon runs his own company Moodie Tuesday here in Dunedin, his works are mainly done in charcoal.

I was lucky enough to go see Jon being featured in the Artists Room here in Dunedin last year, it was a great opportunity to see his work in person. The textures his work contains are stunning and provide a wonderful feeling of depth to his pieces.

I was also able to attend Undone and Moodie Tuesday’s  Fashion Week Showcase for iD Fashion Week here in Dunedin. My favourites from the showcase were a pair of skull paintings that glowed due to the fluorescent lighting used at the showcase. Found here on Moodie Tuesday

Jon also works with Motion Sickness Studio (who made the above video), which has been open less than a year and already has contracts around Dunedin.

So basically, go look at Moodie Tuesday, Motion Sickness Studio and support one of our own if you can!

Jon’s personal website is also here.