Network Design & Spark Dunedin – About DETE 403

This blog has been an intensive undertaking!

Apart from researching, writing and releasing new posts I also reply to comments on the blog. I manage the blogs Facebook page, Google Plus page, Tumblr page, Twitter account, Reddit account, Imgur account. As well as occasionally it’s Pinterest and StumbleUpon account for relevant items

The Facebook and Google plus page require me to post every time I release a new blog post, as WordPress does not have an automatic sync with those websites yet.

The Tumblr and Twitter acoounts manage themselves, but are regularly checked to see if a post has been tumbld or retweeted and requires a response.

The Reddit account requires more maintenance, I post in appropriate subreddits for the posts content, most often r/dunedin and occasionally r/NZPhotos. Almost all the posts have been commented on by other reddit users and I make an effort to respond to all of them in a timely fashion.

The Imgur account is a bit trickier, it’s a good website to store images and share them elsewhere on the web, but navigating the difference between a users albums and their gallery albums can be a bit confusing when trying to keep the account up to date. One a blog post has gone live the accompanying imgur album is made public and posted in the gallery, where it can be commented, favourited, liked, and disliked by the other imgur users. The account is checked regularly, however, due to the confusing navigation sequences, I was unaware of comments made on the gallery albums until recently, and so was obviously only able to reply then.

The Pinterest was something that was started at the beginning of the blog and I have used it whenever I felt a post deserved pinning or I was able to pin something I had been too adequately. The same with the StumbleUpon account.

I hope this gives you a better idea of just what has gone in the moderation of this blog and its related media and online presences.

My experience with working on this blog (and doing the DETE 403 paper) has been really rewarding. It allowed me to go and do things I would normally have not done, take photographs of some of my favourite places in the city and share them with people from around the world. The events and places I went to were always enjoyable and have provided me with a very memorable year.

From producing the blog and managing it’s related accounts I learned that often it helped to keep posts interesting to the user If there were plenty of pictures, and I had participated in something the event or place was offering, as it provided much more insights and generated more discussion from the blog/related account viewers. It can also be quite time consuming, visiting the places, taking the photographs, then typing up the experience, uploading the photographs and editing the album details. It takes about 2 whole days to create a god blog post, one for the experience, and one for the digital version.

From managing and producing this blog, i have definitely become more outgoing, and I will definitely try more things. I actually want to go out and experience new things more than I would have expected. I would also like to think that my personal style of writing has become more refined. i also know which social networking platforms I am most comfortable with and effective at using. I found reddit and imgur to be the best for the content my blog focused on, whereas i struggled with twitter, I used it to keep people up to date on posts, but outside that i just found it frustrating to use and most of the things I was writing about did not have twitter accounts and the hashtags I used to tag the posts with were not common either. My photography definitely improved as well, I learned how to fit trees into portrait images very successfully!

I definitely think keeping an active blog is useful, if it is well maintained, and a way of sustaining an online presence of yourself. For me though, while I have definitely enjoyed this experience, it was a lot of responsibility and pretty time intensive, I’m not sure if I will do it again in the future. I certainly learnt how to though for future reference though!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy my blog.

Eleanor Parker

One thought on “Network Design & Spark Dunedin – About DETE 403

  1. This is a good overview of your goals, strategy, and outcomes, Ellie. Linking your posts to Imgur albums, where you stored the majority of your photos seems to be a good strategy. Spreading your content over several social media sites is certainly a sensible approach, and it gave you an opportunity to see how they work and how they can be interconnected.

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