Heritage Festival

Hi there internet!

So I should probably explain what this is all about. Firstly I should probably say welcome to my blog, Spark Dunedin, thanks for dropping by! This blog is a space for me to talk about creativity, my home (Dunedin) and how the interplay between each other results in what I like to believe is a creative city.

Enough about me though. This ANZAC weekend coincides with Dunedin’s Heritage Festival. This year marks the festivals fourth run, and lots of interesting events are scheduled for it, ranging from a ghost tour of Port Chalmers to a tour of the city’s Police Station.

I think this is great, one of the first things I really noticed when I first moved here was the vast amount of heritage building stock all over the city, from the Exchange area to the Octagon, to the Botanic Gardens Greenhouse! The majority of the tours do not require booking so I strongly encourage you to wander down and learn a little about our architectural history.

The Heritage Festival also allows me to mention the recent purchase of the Athenaeum, the new owner Laurie Forbes has stated his desire to provide creative spaces in the building, which is fantastic news for everyone in Dunedin. the Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute in the Octagon is one of the largest Athenaeum’s in New Zealand and offers a wide range of literature. The building itself is an architectural gem. I was lucky enough to recently be given a tour of the building with my classmates, it has an old theatre at the back!

And I think I will leave it there for now, further information and a list of events on offer this weekend for the Heritage Festival can be found here, and the article on the Athenaeum purchase here.