I Missed The 24 Hour Book Sale!

This past weekend (well, Friday through Saturday) was the annual Regent 24 Hour book sale. This year marked the 33rd consecutive year the event has been held, with profits going towards the Otago Theatre Trust who run the Regent Theatre.

Sadly, due to one part forgetfulness, and one part other commitments I was unable to attend the event. However, a few of my friends were able to make it down, and I know that even around 11pm the Regent was still pretty busy. There was even live music, which was meant to be on for the duration of the sale.

With a huge range of books, from gardening to science fiction, there really was a book for everyone; and over half of them were available for just $1. It reminds me somewhat of the car boot sales I grew up with in England, except those were always outside (and it was England so it rained 9 times out of 10), and there was definitely no musical accompaniment either, unless you included the various attempts at haggling going on all around.

I was also unaware that the event is the biggest sale of secondhand books in the Southern Hemisphere! Quite impressive really, that Dunedin holds an event of that scale. Only in Dunedin would we hold a 24 hour book sale in a theatre! Makes you wonder what else we could have quietly going on down here.

The Regent Theatres description of the event can be found here. The claim about being the biggest sale of secondhand books in the Southern Hemisphere can be found here.

4 thoughts on “I Missed The 24 Hour Book Sale!

  1. The 24 Regent Book Sale is a Dunedin institution. It’s even mentioned in Regent Theatre’s Wikipedia entry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Regent_Theatre,_Dunedin). According to the Otago Daily Times, the sale has been going for 33 years (http://www.odt.co.nz/news/dunedin/257484/33rd-annual-regent-book-sale-argy-bargy-free). There’s a good photo from this year’s sale here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/nzpix/8753969160/. I’ve attended the sale many times in the past, but we are now trying to reduce the number of books in our house, so I avoided the temptation to buy more – even if most are just a dollar each!

  2. I like how the Otago Theatre Trust raises funds through the 24 Hour Book Sale and the Anything But Books Sale. I wonder if there are any pictures of the other sale around, it would be interesting to see how the Regent hosts those two events.

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